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Mrs. Garcia Faber

Hello! I am the Elementary School Counselor at Manzanita! I am here full time & work with students, teachers, & parents  K-5.
                                              I'd love to connect with you!
        Phone: 209-7805
         Twitter: @kelsey_faber

What is my role as School Counselor?
Great question because I wear many hats! I...
- am the site coordinator for all 504 Accommodation Plans 
- teach whole group classroom lessons on social/emotional learning weekly during each special's rotation (SEL/STEM rotation)
- facilitate small groups (ex. New Student grps, Changing Families grps, etc.)
- see students individually to talk about challenges & changes at home, with friendships, with feelings, & academics. Students can be   parent, teacher, or self referred
- coordinate & oversee the Student Study (Intervention) Team 

- am the coordinator for our Ben's Bells Kind Campus program



My philosophy is that in order for a child to reach their full potential in the classroom, they first must be emotionally thriving individuals. Only when they are able to grow into healthy, happy young humans are they able to fully flourish and reach their best academic success. 

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